20 cheap (or free) date ideas

Grab some food from the fridge, grab a blanket, and head to the park for a cheap but romantic date night. You can bring your favourite wines and make the perfect charcuterie board for a do-it-yourself picnic. It's also a great way to spend some time in nature with someone you care about.

Take a picnic to the park

Some museums are free every day of the year, and many are free on certain days of the week. Find out what museums are in your city and make plans to go when you have a free weekend. If you have some extra money, you can always give it to the museum to help it stay open.

Visit a museum with no entry fee

Fill up the gas tank, grab some snacks, make the perfect playlist, and hit the road. A day trip is a great way to spend time together without spending too much money. It doesn't matter if it's just across town or a few hours away. Plan to take funny pictures with local landmarks or choose a place with lots of fun (and free!) things to do to keep costs down.

Head out on a day trip

A scavenger hunt is a fun way to find out about your city's hidden gems, whether you just moved there or have lived there for years. Make a list of about 10 landmarks you want to see, and plan to treat yourself to a delicious meal once you've found them all.

Go on a scavenger hunt in your city

Working together to make the world a better place is one of the best ways to spend time with someone you care about. Find a charity you both care about and sign up for a volunteer shift together for a fun day date that will also help others.

Volunteer together

Even if you don't have much money, you can still go on a fun shopping date that won't cost you too much. Set a limit, like $10 or $20, and have a contest with your partner to see who can find the best (or weirdest) item at a local thrift store or flea market. You might be surprised by the valuable things you find.

Go thrifting

It's always a good idea to go outside together, especially when the weather is nice. Look up the hiking trails in your area and pick the one that's best for both of you. Then, go out and spend the day exploring.

Take a hike

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