5 Tips For Wearing Cocktail Dresses Over 60

Even though dress codes aren't what they used to be—what we wear now has more to do with personal style than with fashion dos and don'ts—there are still times when we need to dress up. 

A cocktail dress is always a good choice for these events because it lets us have fun with our clothes. If you are over 60, you should focus on how comfortable the dress is and how confident you feel in it. Read on for advice from people who know a lot about fashion.

Focus on the silhouette.

"You want the dress to go with you; you should never be an accessory to your dress." Women should be the art, and cocktail dresses should be the frame." Because of this, you should pay extra attention to how your clothes fit. A good cocktail dress should look good on your body shape: fit-and-flare for hourglass figures, A-line for pear and apple shapes, and ruching and other details that add volume for stick-straight bodies.

Don't hide, highlight.

Instead of hiding the things you don't like about yourself, show off the things you're most proud of. We all know what we like and don't like about our bodies. Look for design details, like ruffles, that show off your best features. Think about a design that shows off one or both of your shoulders, like an off-the-shoulder or cold-shoulder neckline.

Pay attention to the details.

We all know that black is slimming, that too-high hemlines and too-low necklines are bad, and that you should know what you'd rather cover up. But appropriate and stunning are not the same thing, and the difference is in the small, subtle details of the design. The point of a cocktail dress is to be fun and stand out. Have fun finding ones with all kinds of extras and bling. 

Go monochrome for a classic look.

Not everyone likes a lot of bling, and it's always in style to keep things simple. "I like monochromatic outfits because you can play around with different fabrics, fun shoes, and big accessories. "Something classic and timeless, with simple lines and not too many patterns or colours that compete with each other, unless that is a style you usually wear and is kind of your signature.

Off-script is OK.

Even though a jacket looks good over a cocktail dress, don't feel like you have to hide behind it. Under a sleeveless dress, sto wear a lacey blouse or top or a pretty scarf. Not everyone can wear a dress, either. Kosich says that you should try wearing a tuxedo to a cocktail party. Try a le smoking tuxedo suit like the ones Yves Saint Laurent made, and you'll be the most stylish person in the room.

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