8 Examples Of Body Language Attraction

Female Attraction Through Body Language

women are better at using and "reading" body language. And when it comes to sending these signals, women tend to use a different set of signs than men do. For example, when she's around a man she's interested in, her body language and what she does with her hands may give him hints.

Showing Fertility

Even if it is done unconsciously, body language has a lot to do with sexual excitement and attraction, which is linked to fertility in a biological way. So, when a woman likes a man, she may show signs of her own fertility, although these signs can be very different. 

Preening Behaviors

When they are around someone they find attractive, women may be more likely to do things like preening. For example, they might touch their hair more and care more about how they look in general. If she is wearing makeup, she might say she needs to go to the bathroom to touch it up. 

Licking Lips

If a woman is interested in someone, she might lick her lips more often. The extra moisture makes them glossier, which can be a sign that she's ready to get closer to you. Even if this is a completely unconscious movement, it can mean that your mouth is dry, which could also mean that you are attracted to the person.

Hip Movements

Paying attention to how a woman moves her hips could be a sign of romantic interest. Watch how she moves her hips to the music if it's on. Even if they aren't very obvious, these physical signs show that she's having fun and might also show that she's attracted to you.

Eye and Facial Movements

The face is a good way to show how someone feels, which of course includes attraction. As a result, the way a woman moves her head and eyes can be a very telling sign of romantic interest. For example, when a woman likes the person she's talking to, she's more likely to blink quickly or move her eyelids. 

Showing Fertility

Like women, men tend to show women they like, either consciously or unconsciously, that they are fertile. For instance, this can include a posture that is too extreme, such as a wide stance, standing up very straight, putting the shoulders back, etc. 

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