8 Subtle Body-Language Signs That Could Mean Someone Likes You

1. They copy you.

when two people are in love with each other, they tend to mirror each other's movements. "Good couples will have body language that matches each other. "They'll walk together or scratch their heads at the same time. It's just how we're made." But the movements are more than just simple gestures.

2. They keep fidgeting.

"There is often what we could call "good stress" when two people are attracted to each other. Whether stress comes from something "good" or "bad," the body reacts in some of the same ways. So, if you see the person you like stroking their neck, playing with their jewellery, or picking at a loose seam when you're around, it's likely that they're trying to calm down and keep their cool.

3. They don’t blink as frequently.

Remember how we said that moving in sync was good? It turns out that this idea also applies to how the eyes move. "It's a good sign if it looks like the person has been staring for a long time." When someone feels attracted to someone, they often blink at the same time as the person they are talking to. Also, if the person seems to be blinking less, it's because they're trying to take in more of you without being aware of it.

4. They look like they're glowing.

If you needed a reason to buy oil-absorbing sheets, here it is. Naz Brown says, "When we like someone, our pores open. This lets more oil out and makes our skin shiner." Even though this could just mean that they didn't wash their face before the date (yuck! ), if their face isn't oily at first but starts to shine as the date goes on, it could be very telling. 

5. They walk beside you.

a body language expert and author of Success Signals: A Guide to Reading Body Language, that if the person you like is always two steps ahead of you, it could mean that they care more about themselves than you. Unless they're leading you through a very crowded area, they should match your pace. 

6. They walk with you on the inside.

Also, don't forget the classic "walking on the outside of the sidewalk that is closer to the road" move. It's a sign that your life coach 

7. They remember your touch preferences.

that if your maybe-partner remembers your boundaries and how you like to be touched, it's a sign that they're responsive and aware of your needs, which is pretty big. For example, if you've ever said that you like to cuddle with your pet after a bad day, they might know that you value quality time or physical touch.

8. They're not glued to their phone.

Yes, not looking at their phone is the bare minimum, but it's a good sign that they like you. Consider it a good sign if they put away their phone and pay close attention to what you say (by asking follow-up questions, reacting appropriately, etc.).

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