The Best Hobby For Each Zodiac Sign, According To Astrology

Aries is the intellectual. You'll find them reading. Books are their biggest hobby. When they're not reading, they are creating art, music, literature. They love to write and engage in debates.


Eating. They like to try weird new foods and find interesting new restaurants. They love all kinds of food and want to try as many as they can. When they aren't eating or thinking about food, they are trying to figure out how to grow it, cook it, and make it better.


Gemini likes to dabble in mechanics for a hobby. They love to pull things apart and put them back together again. They will break something just to repair it.


One of Cancer's biggest hobbies is cleaning. They love to tidy up. Cleaning house is a meditation for them; it allows them to unwind and decompress after a hard week of working on things they don't necessarily adore.


Leo is pretty true to their stereotype. They choose hobbies that give them the opportunity to show off.


Virgo likes to kick back and relax when they're not working hard, and that usually means going to a bar, singing some karaoke, and hanging out with friends. Virgo's hobby is singing, dancing, acting. 


This sign is never without a hobby, and the most enjoyable thing they do for themselves is collect objects and items that relate to whatever their greatest interest is.


Scorpio likes to do things that are either very spiritual or very physically demanding. They like to meditate and sit in silence, thinking about peace and quiet, but they also go to yoga and pilates classes to get that dopamine high that comes from working out hard.


Most of the time, when a Sagittarius wants to relax and do something they enjoy, it has to do with being alone and making art. This lets them do one of their favourite things ever, which is getting high.


Drag. Capricorns like to dress up and act like they are someone else. Their lives are so tight, organised, and planned out that when they do have time for a hobby, they usually do it in a very showy, over-the-top way, dressed in glitter and heels and flirting with everyone.


When it comes to hobbies, Aquarius sticks to the old standbys, like crossword puzzles, video games, knitting, and crocheting. They love to make things and be creative, but it's hard to find jobs that let them do so. Instead, they do creative things as a hobby.


This sign take their hobbies very seriously. They believe in equal play to equal work, and they are very hard workers.


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