The Most Antisocial Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

Even though introverts like to be alone, that doesn't mean they can't be comfortable around other people or even crave it sometimes. But some people go a step further and say no to every party, don't talk at the water cooler at work, and even try not to catch your eye on the street.

They just don't like being around other people and would rather be alone. If you've ever wondered why someone acts the way they do, astrology could help. Read on to find out which zodiac signs are the most antisocial, from quiet introverts to people who don't like people at all.


Taurus is "the most self-sufficient sign" because they tend to become adults early in life. They rarely ask for help, in part because "other people really annoy them." Taureans like being on their own, but they also like being part of a small, close-knit group. 


Sensitive Pisces often act like sponges and take on the energy of the people around them. Goldberg says that this is exhausting and makes them want to be alone so they can get their energy back. Pisces also feels a bit of social anxiety and is very aware of what other people think of them because of this. Small talk can be torture for Pisces. They would much rather talk about something important.


Virgos don't like other people very much because they think they're better. "People make mistakes, carry germs, and make a mess, which are all things that Virgos have to criticise and fix. At its core, this is a need to be in charge. "often have a set routine that includes going to work, coming home, and taking it easy." Virgos don't often plan to hang out with other people because they can't always be sure that everything will go as planned.


Cancers are known for being homebodies who like to spend time in the comfortable space they have made. "If a Cancer has to choose between hanging out with friends and "hibernating" at home, they will always choose the latter. This shy sign can find it hard to open up to strangers, so they feel most at ease when they're with their close group of friends.


People think that Scorpio is the most closed-off and mysterious sign of the zodiac. The result is that they are "very wary of other people." They have a sensitive heart and need to protect it from people who might hurt it. Scorpios are not a "friendly" zodiac sign because they find it hard to trust other people. She also warns that they are known for taking advantage of other people.


Capricorn, the zodiac sign that wants to be successful, would rather be a leader than be able to get along with other people. They like having one or two close friends and a girlfriend or boyfriend, but they don't hang out much with other people unless it's to meet people who can help them move up in their careers.

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