The Most Anxious Zodiac Sign

Stress can have a lot of different effects on your body. When anxiety hits, you might shut down, start to panic, or even hit someone. How you handle nerves comes down to your personality and traits in the end. And how you deal with your feelings affects not only how you see life, but also how you get along with other people.

So you might be curious to find out which zodiac sign is more likely to be nervous. Read on to find out which astrological sign is most likely to worry, from just a little bit to a lot.


Aquarius is known for being "too cool for school," but they can put a lot of stress on themselves by accident. This air sign wants to make everyone happy, which can make them feel even more anxious. Aquarius is ruled by the 11th House of community.


Libra only wants happiness for everyone. At first glance, it seems like a great trait to have. But there are some bad things about it. Bristol says, "They take on the weight of making sure everyone else is happy." "This sign will bend in every direction to make everyone happy (except them)."


Even though Pisces seems calm and cool on the outside, there is a tornado of worry going on inside. "This sign is very intuitive, which means they take in a lot of emotional information all at once. "Because of this, they can forget to set limits because they want to help," she said. Then, they worry about other people getting in their way.


Cancer is called the "emotional sponge of the zodiac" because they really feel what you feel. They are also controlled by the moon, which changes zodiac signs every 2 1/2 days. So it's not surprising that they're a moody sign. "Because Cancer can't control the moon or other people's feelings, they often feel out of control and stressed about not being able to keep structure or stability.


Virgo would have to be in the top six. It is called "the workhorse" of the zodiac, after all. Since this sign's mind is always making lists, most of their anxiety comes from themselves. Bristol says, "When you always have so much to do, you feel like you're never done." "Then you feel like a failure because you never finish," she said. 


All of the air signs making this list makes sense. They are in charge of thought, intelligence, and the mind, so it makes sense that they get stuck in their own heads. Gemini is the worst of them all, even though it is not too different from Virgo. Bristol says, "This sign is really always on the move." "They have a million thoughts a minute, like someone with ADD or ADHD." Because their mind moves so fast, they can easily feel overwhelmed by everything on their to-do list. 

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