The Zodiac Sign Best at Lying, According to an Astrologer

It can be hard to tell if someone is telling the truth or not. You might be taken in by their charm or kindness, or you might not even be aware of the possibility. We understand that you don't want to think that someone you just met, let alone someone you care about, is lying.

 But the truth is that people lie, and some are better at it than others. If you believe that the stars can tell you what to do, you might want to know which zodiac signs are better at lying than others.


The good news is that Taureans are the least likely of these signs to lie. Worse news? When they do tell a story, they are also most likely to stick to it until the end. But if a Taurus thinks that lying will help them get what they want, they don't mind making up stories from time to time. Still, be careful: "So if you want to talk to them, make sure you have receipts with you.


Like Taurus, when you face a Scorpio who has lied to you, you want to be ready. "Because they have a lot of watering power, they can tell people exactly what they want to hear. Because they often have a "aloof exterior," they can be charming people who "know how to use their words and their wiles equally."


Cancers are known for being caring and emotional. They can use these traits to their advantage. "Cancer is the best at making up sad stories." "Their motherly intuition can be used as a weapon in a friendly war of words." When they are forced to face the truth, Cancers often try to avoid taking responsibility or even lash out to change the subject.


Everyone knows that Leos like to show off. Their ability to tell stories is helped by the fact that they have a flair for drama. The proud Leo, who is ruled by the creative fifth house and influenced by fixed fire energy, "would rather spin a yarn to protect their ego than admit they may have been caught in a lie.


Don't let the Virgo fool you. Yes, the earth sign doesn't get much attention that Virgo is as smart and clever as the best liar on this list. "What makes Virgo different is their keen eye for the details and their ability to think quickly on their feet. Virgos are just as good at lying as they are at calling other people's bluffs.


Gemini is the worst liar of them all. Geminis are often called "two-faced" because they are the sign of the twins. Geminis are ruled by Mercury, who is smart and good at talking, so they have "the gift of gab." Meaning? They have a way with words.  They know how to choose the right words for any situation or, if the situation calls for it, how to play "devil's advocate." Also, Geminis aren't always more likely to lie, but when they do, the truth and the lie will get mixed up.

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