The Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Lead You on, Astrologers Warn

Some people seem to be masters at playing people when it comes to friendship and romance. The list of motives for why people act in certain ways can seem never-ending. Perhaps they enjoy the attention, like to keep their choices open, are impulsive, or are simply users.

However, there may be a more straightforward explanation for their actions, and it is found in the stars. Discover which zodiac sign is most likely to deceive you by being anything from a little tease to a thorough liar by reading on.


Since Pisces are recognised for having a seductive and gentle demeanour, many find them to be appealing. The mutable water sign, known for being serial monogamists—ahem, Pisces Elizabeth Taylor was married eight times—knows how to change their feelings to meet any circumstance. Pisces tend to be the most amorous of the water signs, [but] they are also the most likely to have their affections quickly shift up.


Aquarius people have a certain atmosphere that makes them simple to get along with. an Aquarius is attracted to those who share their attitude and energy. It follows that even if you are friendly with an Aquarius, there's a strong possibility you are not a member of their close-knit group. But this slick-talking air sign wouldn't reveal it to you.


One of the zodiac's most intense signs is the Scorpio. Despite their emotional self-assurance, Scorpios prefer to bury their genuine selves beneath the surface, so it takes effort to get to know them. You'll be rewarded with a strong relationship if you can gain their trust. "They'll make sure to strike first if they think you're playing them."


Sagittarius, which is known as the intrepid sign of the zodiac, like putting oneself in difficult new situations. When it comes to zodiac compatibility, "they are one of the most adaptable signs, frequently dating many various types of people just for fun. "These fiery flirts know how to make anyone feel that spark since they are under the mutable fire sign."


Geminis are lively and sociable people who appreciate being constantly challenged in their relationships. " Geminis have the gift of the silver tongue since they are one of the two signs that Mercury rules. Anything can sound good thanks to them. Geminis have the advantage when it comes to lying without being discovered, which may provide for amusing banter between couples.


Aries is the sign of the zodiac that is most likely to lead you on, and they'll do it with a showy gesture. These brash show-offs will pay for pricey dates, presents, flowers, and more, putting their money where their mouth is. However, strength and assurance draw attention, so your Aries companion is probably always attracting someone else's.

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