The Zodiac Sign That Makes the Best Host, According to Astrologers

Now that the holidays are coming up, it's time to figure out who will host what. You should probably stay away from that cousin who makes dry turkey and tells strange stories. But you'll need an invitation from the family friend who has tasty appetisers and fun games.

Are you curious about why some people make you feel so at ease and others don't? It might be because of their horoscope. Astrologers say that these are the signs that make the best hosts, from those who are always willing to help to those who are the most welcoming.

If you go to a party at an Aries' house, you can expect a "highly entertaining event that will be remembered for a long time. That Aries are known for their "bold and fearless character" because they are a fire sign that is "symbolised by the forceful ram." They love being in charge, so it won't be hard for them to "command a room full of people" and make sure everyone is happy.

6 Aries

The sign's perfectionists won't leave anything to chance. "As a well-organized and planned. Expect that everything, right down to the napkins, has been carefully planned and that the schedule will go smoothly. But just because this is fun for the guests doesn't always mean it's fun for the host. "Their worry might make hosting a less-than-pleasant experience for this sign."

5 Virgo

The zodiac's introverted homebodies probably won't throw a big party for people they don't know well, but "As an astrologer and the founder of Santos & The Crystal Visions, they are the best people to stay with for a long time. They're thought to be the most caring sign, so they'll make the best parents "cook a great meal, keep the space clean, and find deep and personal ways to connect with your guests.

4 Cancer

The zodiac's social butterfly is, of course, on the list. "Gemini is one of the best signs for bringing people together because it's always making new friends and connections." At a Gemini's party, it's not unusual for people to meet, become close friends, or even start dating. The sign of the twins also has two sides, so you never really know what to expect.

3 Gemini

When you go to an event hosted by a Taurus, you'll almost feel like a king or queen. Taureans know how to decorate their homes because Venus, the planet of beauty and wealth, is their ruler. "Not only that, but because they love comfort and fine dining, they are the best at putting on a delicious spread and making the perfect, relaxing atmosphere at the same time."

2 Taurus

You probably already know that the zodiac sign of the party animal loves to go out, but their outgoing, fun-loving personality also makes them the best hosts.that the lion is still a child at heart and loves to bring people together to play and celebrate life. 

1 Leo

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