This Zodiac Sign Is the Biggest Drama Queen, Astrologers Warn

Have you ever wondered if some zodiac signs are more likely to act than others? Maybe your Cancer friend always plays the victim, or maybe an Aries you know is always in the middle of some kind of drama.

 If you want to know which signs think they are in their own reality show, you don't have to look any further. Find out which zodiac sign is the biggest drama queen, from a little bit dramatic to a full-on prima donna, by reading on.


Even though Aries might not be drama queens or kings in their own lives, they do get caught up in other people's problems. Psychic reader and spiritual healer said that it is the sign that "enjoys other people's drama the most. Valerie Evans, a forensic astrologer, adds that Aries is known for being very passionate. So be careful, because "they get energy from battle" and love a "heated conversation."


Cancers are known for having hard shells and soft exteriors and for being able to hold a grudge, which can often lead to a serious show. They protect the people they care about, even if it means going after others and burning bridges to make their way clear. Cancers "put a lot of value on their relationships and will do anything to help you, even if it means making a hurricane.


Pluto, the planet that rules destruction and change, is in charge of Scorpio. This can lead to a lot of excitement, both good and bad. Scorpions are a passionate and aggressive zodiac sign. "Because of this, their aggressive nature can sometimes cause trouble."


Gemini is known for having two sides, which can cause drama on the outside and on the inside. That because this mutable air sign has two sides, it often needs excitement and sometimes even likes to cause it "depends on it. Gemini doesn't like needless drama and gets bored easily." But sometimes, when they are bored, they try to spice up the lives of other people for their own pleasure.


At first glance, this gentle water sign might look innocent, but that can be a trick. Newman says that even though Pisces look "Don't be fooled by how pretty and innocent they look. They love drama and being the centre of attention. From 2003 to 2010, the youngest people in Gen-Z were born when Uranus was in Pisces. This can cause sudden changes in mood, emotional ups and downs, or a flood of tears at any time."


Leo is the most dramatic of the signs on this list. They like to talk about other people and cause trouble. Leo wants to be in charge and in the spotlight. Since the Lion is a sign of royalty, it makes sense that a drama queen might roar like one.

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