This Zodiac Sign Is the Most Afraid of Change, Astrologers.

Moving, starting a new job, and ending a long-term relationship are all stressful events that almost everyone goes through. Changes that big are bound to make people feel uncomfortable and take time to get used to. But for some people, this anxiety is stronger and shows up when smaller things happen, like when a local coffee shop closes, when their favourite shampoo brand stops making it, or when they have to switch offices at work.

Astrology helped us figure out why some people are more afraid of change than others. Read on to find out what professional astrologers have to say about which signs fear change the most, from those who don't like making changes to those who are terrified of the unknown.


You may be surprised to see Aquarius here, since this strange sign is all about doing their own thing. "If it's forced upon them by an authority figure, they're likely to feel trapped and overwhelmed the founder of the astrology blog Typically Topical.


Probably the only thing you know about Capricorns is that they work hard. The taskmaster of the planets is in charge of them "Kirsten says that they like "rules, regulations, and stable order" because of this. This organised way of thinking helps them get where they want to go. But if things don't go the way they carefully planned, it can lead to change "feel like they can't be solved, making them feel hopeless and sure to fail.


The sign of the scales wants balance and fairness, and when things don't go their way, "they're quick to think it's a disaster or a total failure when, in fact, it's just the way life goes. She says that this is especially true in friendships and relationships because people "hate extremes and don't want to be left out in the cold." "A breakup can throw a Libra off track for weeks or even months.


Does it come as a surprise that the signs with the most perfectionists are on the list? "Virgos plan and get ready for almost every aspect of their lives. Even small changes can make people feel upset inside. Virgos try to get ahead of change, just like Libras "so they can look at how each part of the new plan works.


Cancer is said to love stability above all else. Change always brings ups and downs, which can make this crab feel like it's on an emotional roller coaster that never stops." As the zodiac's caretakers, "They worry that they won't be able to meet their own needs and those of anyone who depends on them. Because of this, they are most likely to worry about changes in their financial security.


All of the astrologers we talked to agreed that Taurus is the sign that is most afraid of change. "Taureans love routine more than anything else, and because they are naturally stubborn, they are afraid of change," says Bennet. Kirsten says this is partly because Taureans are fixed signs and partly because "Taureans have very sensual, yet grounded energy." This means that when their daily routine changes, they panic right away.

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